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About Savannah Comic convention


Savannah Comic Con Formally Savannah Mega Comic Con ,was started by a group of people who love all aspect of geek culture with many years of experience as collectors and dealers in the convention community. We look forward to growing and building a larger show for the Savannah area. We know Savannah is long over due for a good pop culture convention! We will be Running a New convention Every year. Next Show is July 30th - 31st 2022, We will be including New things such as Demos during the show, Panels, video game dealers , More comic book & Toy dealers We grow every year in size and we could not do this without you guys! we look forward to breaking last years record and doubling the amount of people! The Organizers

Originally founded in 2011, Savannah  Comic Convention is an Pop Culture & nostalgia convention with the goal to bring worldwide pop culture under one roof for fans to enjoy.
Vintage Toys & Action Figures
We have dealers bringing in Mego,My little Pony,Transformers, G.I.Joe, Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, TMNT, Star Trek and other nostalgic merchandise.
If it’s collectible, you’ll find it here.

Vintage Video Games
Dealers from the video gaming industry will be here as well! Visit our video game console museum (1970-2000) for a full dose of retro Gaming! We will be Holding some Gaming Tournaments as well! 

Comic Books
We will have comic book dealers from all over the U.S. There will be plenty of room for all forms of superheroes from the Avengers, Batman, and Green Lantern
to Superman and X-men. Golden Age, Silver Age,Bronze Age & Up we will have a little bit of Everything!  
Keep an eye out for anime dealers too! We love Japanese animation from the old days of Lupin, Gatchaman, Mazinger Z, Gundam, Macross, Dragonball, and Akira
to newer series like High School of the Dead, Full Metal Panic!, Gungrave, GTO, Bleach, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist. All anime is welcome here!

Cosplay and Photography
We are very cosplay-friendly and will be inviting guest cos players to the con. Stop by our cos play photo shoot and show us your moves!

Cosplay Contests
Be sure to check out our Cosplay contest for Adults & Youths. Grade prize will be $200.00 with other prizes to runner ups! Please see the Events and Contest Pages for all the info & Rules on this contest. Also participate in our Cosplay photo shoot.

Special Guests
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special guest updates and announcements.  

So whether you grew up in the 70's, 80's, 90's or 2000's, we have something for everyone behind our doors. We’re family-friendly so bring the kiddies!

  • Lots of door prizes 

  • 50,000 square foot dealer room

  • So much more!

For all the information, please go to: 

daily updates on guests and events.

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